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Our services top all others 
  1. Fast response time
    When a service is requested, the response time is fast. A representative will be sent out within a few days upon request, at a time scheduled by you to give a price estimate completly for free.
  2. Great Team
    Our employees are trained professionals. Even though we are in high school we produce professional products. Check out our Instagram to see some of our great work.
  3. Great Prices
    In the areas in and around Westport we often find that our customers have been completely overpaying. We do all of our work for a fair price and to do that when you switch to us we start by taking 10% of the price you paid last season .
  4. Easy to contact us
    Phone:(203)-557-4457 Email:[email protected] Extra Info:ydbk.co/102594 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/aworkofartlandscaping

Our Founder, Owner, C.E.O. and Operator

The founder of “A Work Of Art Landscaping” is high school student Arthur Kelly. Art has been interested in the landscaping profession since he was a little boy. He began doing mowing and small jobs for his immediate neighbors. By the age of fourteen, his company had grown enough that he bought a truck and a trailer.  Art has continued to pursue his passion in the landscaping industry. As Art's business grew he was decided to give up his football and lacrosse teams in order to devote more time for his growing list of clients. Art has recently started a new Facebook and Instagram page along with a new website while looking to attract customers. He is now 17 and ready to bring his expertise to you.
Great body of work
We have been in business since 2012
Westport and Beyond
We are the best in Fairfeild County

We operate in Westport, Southport, Fairfeild County and beyond

Fair Prices

Let us know if you need work done to your lawn today!!!